Founded in 1972, Bluvstein Binot Topaz is a private company with 100 employees, hold by the engineers Dorit and Yossi Bluvstein and focused on clean water in providing waste treatment systems for municipalities and industry applications.
In 1996 the company was mentioned in the exclusive bock "Persons and activities in the North of Israel"

In 1997 the company has received the "award of the year in Economics" by the Public Opinion Poll Institute In 2008, in honor of 60 year of Israel Independence, the company has received the "Israel Award " dedicated by the Israeli Industry Association.

We are committed to our clients and to quality of the environment for a better quality of life.

Laser Cutting
unique and advanced Laser Cutting System including:
Work surface 1500 x 3000 mm.
Tube cutting up to 300mm diameter.
ISO 9002 Certified.

Water jet cutting center (5 axes)
Work surface 4000X2000 mm
Tube cutting  באורך  4000mm and up to 350mm diameter
Cutting up to 150mm   עובי
Unique in Israel

Robotic System
System of plasma cutting and welding.   A precise, consistent and highly reliable product that comprises of 9 programmed levels for automatic tool interchange.

Zinc Phosphate Primer, Granular Cleaning System & Electrostatic Painting


Zinc Phosphate Chemical Process adheres to Israel's Phosphorization Legislation (#1235),  USA Federal Legislation (TT-C-490 TYPE 1) and to Ecological Legislation.


Zinc Phosphate Chemical Process extends product longevity up to 10 times longer than untreated products left to the environmental elements.


Granular cleaning preparation primes the surface before painting. Adheres to worldwide accepted Swedish Legislation.


Electrostatic Powder Painting suits products both large and small. Electrostatic Painting Process provides significant solutions for geometric products that require great durability.

Quality control
The Quality Control Engineering and Inspection department provides the client first class service from planning through to the finished product.

5 axes High speed machining center
The computerized machining department includes diverse C.N.C machines of various sizes and capabilities.



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